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In 2006, TOTAL – PARCO, Pakistan decided to introduce solar powered car washes at its fuel stations that would harness the suns energy to produce hot water. The hot water would in turn be mixed with cold water to produce the optimum temperature for car washing. After enjoying success at their first installation on Airport Road, Pindi they are taking this concept to several more sites across Pakistan.

The benefits of solar in this case are:

  • Warm water gives the shine and glow of a brand new car
  • Complete removal of oil and mud stains
  • Best underbody wash
  • Reduced use of water
  • Elimination of detergents
  • Higher turnaround time of cars per hour
  • Elimination of electric power to warm water
  • Environmental conservation through reduced carbon dioxide emissions

Adaptive technologies (Pvt) Ltd. are the equipment suppliers for the projects and have provided the following equipment:

  • High efficiency SOLARLINE solar collectors
  • Large storage tank with heat exchanger
  • All supporting equipment