Energy Audits

Our energy efficient advisors can provide on site advice and guidance. If you desire something more comprehensive we can arrange an energy audit for you home, office, factory or any other premises.

Energy audits can range from simple (for households) to complex (for large scale offices where we can examine and advise on HVAC systems, lighting, distribution, insulation, glass etc.) the site is visited by an engineer and supporting staff who take real readings on site and corroborate the data against theoretical values and possible values.

A complete report and proposal in simple language is prepared and handed over to the client. To get a feel for what our audits look like come


In the case of energy efficiency, some engineering and logic is necessary. Therefore, most systems (especially solar) require a design so that the end product delivered is correct and reliable.

Realizing that users require answers and financial information very quickly, Green center provides clients the opportunity to have a basic system designed/priced within minutes through our in-store software. Larger and complex systems are designed by our engineers at the head office and presented to clients.


The entire spectrum of products in our range can be delivered to you in store or at point of use anywhere in Pakistan.


Regardless of the size of the installation, our foreign trained technicians can install our products at your site.

Whether it is a small house/shop or a multi-storeyed building, our installation is supervised by a senior engineer. After commissioning the system is checked and tried before handover to the client.


We can enter into a maintenance contract with you. This will give you the peace of mind that your system is being attended to and working satisfactorily at all times. Highly recommended for solar systems. After sales support.