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Energy Efficient Lighting

For Controlling Your Energy Production
LED lights:

These light can help you save upto 90% compared to conventional lamps. We have a complete range from street lights, flood lights, false ceiling type lights, surface mounted, decorative, LED bulbs, dimmable options and a lot more.

Lighting control systems:

Improve your mood and save your bills. Lighting controls make it easier for you to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the lighting at your home while being efficient. Come and get a feel for this instore. See how your lights start dimming when you let natural light into the building. All this without doing anything.

20W CFL PAR38 Lamp
LED flood light
Narrow Beam 9W LED downlight with CREE chip
3W LED lamp with GU10 holder
7.5W LED bulb with E27 base
7.5W LED bulb with E27 base
6W LED candle bulb with E27 base
LED high intensity street light with varying wattages
3W Inground LED bulb
LGE-4RDL-8-35-W: 4” 8W LED Retrofit Downlight 3500K (40W Equivalent) D4AN082ECC0.BUAAWAA 1)LED Lighting Performance 2)Stylish Design 3)Dimming Control 4)Energy Efficient.
12.5W LED A 19 Light Bulb 2700K (60W Equivalent) LB12D827L2W.E80JSU0 1)60 W Equivalent A19 LED light bulb 2)Instantly change the quality of light 3)Save money with clean, simple and stylish bulbs.
7.5W LED A19 Light Bulb 3000K (40W Equivalent) LB08D830L0A.E50JWU0 1)Try our 40W Equivalent A19 LED light bulb today 2)Instantly change the clarity of light in your home 3)Save money with the A19 LED light bulb 4)Clean, simple and stylish.
4.4W LED MR16 Light Bulb 3000K (20W Equivalent) LM04M830B0W.DA0ESU0 1)Provides clean, bright light 2)Creates a stylish atmosphere 3)Show off your space in a whole new light.