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You have probably heard about how solar energy can help the environment. You probably know that solar energy can help with greenhouse gas emissions and saving our resources. But how does solar energy impact your local environment and economy? Are solar panels beneficial to the area directly around you? Read on to learn more about the economic and environmental impacts of solar energy can have on your local environment. 

The Economic Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy can impact you economically and can impact your local economy for the better as well. Here are some of the economic impacts of solar energy, for your family and community:

Solar Energy Lowers Your Utility Bill

One of the main benefits you and your family can experience with solar energy is the lower utility bills. The solar energy created by your solar panels can offset your electricity usage at home and reduce how much you end up paying for utilities over time. Some power companies also have the option for you to sell excess solar energy to the company (net metering), and provide greener energy for others in your community as well. This can also help to lower your monthly energy bills.

Federal and State Incentives for Installing Solar Panels

The national government and most state governments offer incentives to install solar panels because of the benefits on the environment.

Solar Energy Helps in Emergencies

All around the world, people are affected by natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and more. Many of these disasters can lead to power outages. With solar energy, you’ll be able to benefit your local economy by providing power during these emergencies. The sun will still produce power when other sources of energy aren’t available, and your family and community will benefit from this in an emergency. In addition, solar power can help reduce the effects of global warming that cause some emergencies.

Solar Power Creates Jobs

The solar workforce is a very clear way solar energy can benefit your local economy. The solar workforce provides jobs and supports families in your community, something that will benefit everyone in your local economy. Solar jobs are increasing every year as more and more people install solar panels. In 2018, the solar industry hired over 242,000 people. These jobs can’t be outsourced, so they will continue to grow each year.

How Does Solar Energy Affect the Environment?

Solar Energy can impact your local environment, as well as the environment for the entire globe. Here are some of the local benefits that solar panels can offer your community:

Solar Energy Benefits Ecosystems

Many energy plants and methods have damaged local ecosystems in communities around the world. Local flora and fauna, especially birds, have suffered from energy production. Animals suffer habitat loss, and plants are removed to make space. But with solar energy, these ecosystems can begin to recover and start to flourish again. Solar panels can be installed in remote areas or on top of buildings, which can help keep forests and other habitats healthy. Animals won’t suffer from air or water pollution either.

Solar Systems Help with Land Use

Other forms of power usually take up a lot of space—and with that a lot of valuable land. Coal plants, hydro plants, nuclear plants all require extensive land usage (and water usage as well), but solar systems don’t have the same land use requirements. Solar systems can be installed on rooftops or in remote areas where nothing grows or is needed. As technology advances, there will be increasing better solar systems that can help with land usage. Your local environment can benefit from the minimal land use solar systems require.

Solar Systems Don’t Release Pollutants

Energy plants are always at risk of accidentally releasing gaseous or liquid pollutants into the atmosphere or the local bodies of water. These pollutants can harm the local ecosystem and potentially even the people in the community. But solar energy doesn’t have any risk of releasing these dangerous materials during normal operations. The power from the sun won’t release toxins into the atmosphere or the rivers, keeping people and animals in the local environment safer.

Overall, solar power can help your local economy and environment, your family and community, the surrounding animals and plants. At Adaptive Tec, we take care to keep our solar systems as safe as possible, from installation to day-to-day use. To learn more about solar installations,
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